Friday, July 31, 2009

50% potty training success and 100% bottle weaning success

So, over the weekend, we decided to put potty train Ryan. Yes, it seems a little early to potty train but we want to give it a try before baby #2 comes along..:)

I have to say it was pretty successful, but only when Ryan has no clothes on (no diaper and no pants).

When he is not wearing anything, he goes over to the potty by himself (without reminder) to pee and poo. He will go even when he is busy reading or playing.

When he is all done, he will make me or Gordon clean the potty immediately and will complain when we don’t. hah!

So, now that he knows he can run around without clothes, he refuses to put on his diaper or underwear. He just shakes his head and says no no no. yikes! The only time he would put on something is when we say we are going out, or when he need to sit on his high chair (I guess it is not comfortable to sit on the high chair without pants)

Anyways, when he has a diaper on, or clothes on, he doesn’t remember to go to the potty or tell us and just pees in his diaper/clothes.

I think eventually he will learn to remember to tell us and give us time to remove his pants for him to pee.

And I hope he will want to wear underwear or pull-ups…..


As for bottle weaning, we had his 18 month check-up and I asked the doctor about the importance of taking him off the bottle and there are two reasons. One, tooth decay and two, he will get too attached to his bottle.

So, we started putting his milk in the thermos with a straw and he drinks his milk from it. We tried it during his 4 milk intakes (morning, mid-morning, afternoon and evening) and no issues. I guess Ryan is not attached to his bottle. He just wants milk!

Ahh... this is fun.:)

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