Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Kaylyn’s 2nd bday, Tyler's third bday and Yao-yao’s full moon.

Last weekend, we attended Kaylyn’s 2nd bday party. The kids are growing up way too fast. Kaylyn has taken on singing as her hobby..:) She can sing up to 6 songs in Chinese. It was cute. Too bad I was not able to take a video of her, since she was a little shy.
Here is Ryan playing with Liam. I was teaching Ryan to share, and he wasn't too happy..;)
Rick and Helen bought two different kinds of cake for her. We joked that they will add an extra cake for each bday year…10 cakes on her 10th bday? Is that cool or what!
The following day, we headed over to Super Franks in Pleasanton for an impromptu 3rd bday for Tyler. It was impromptu as the mom (Sirintorn) was ordered to bed rest when she developed early contractions, and since she felt better, she planned a dinosaur themed party at Super Franks. The cup-cake dinosaur/dragon cake was cool! Sirintorn even had time to create party door gifts that included some dinosaur stuff in it. The party went well and Ryan and the other kids ran around playing..:)

After our party at Super Franks, we headed to Cheng Lin’s house to celebrate Yao-yao’s full moon. The Saw’s even rented a jumping house for the event and the kids had a great time jumping around. I think the heat got to everyone quickly, and everyone was trying to keep cool, by sitting around and no moving too much. I think the kids had the most fun, since they got to play with water and get themselves all wet.

It was a busy weekend....

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