Tuesday, October 07, 2008

and Ryan escapes from his room.....

From C'est la vie

It was 3am and Ryan made an escape from his room last night!

We did not lock the fence together and there was a small opening and Ryan was able to find the opening and get out.

The door was propped and Ryan was able to open the door.

By the time I heard him, I looked at my video monitor and said aloud “no signs of Ryan” and I heard him making noise just outside my room.

I opened the door and he was crawling towards the bathroom!!!

All this was done in the DARK. THIS BABY!! It’s a good thing he did not fall down the stairs..:(

Mummy felt bad and took him to sleep on our bed after the event……..:)

** The reason I did not lock the fence was because when he wakes up, he would usually sit up and cry for us. This time he decided to just head out. Also, when the fence is lock, I feel very claustrophobic in his bed….. my mom did say that even if the fence was locked, Ryan could stand up and push the fence over and fall…

*** Maybe I should forget about the fence around his bed, and just put a baby gate by the stairs? Or maybe I should just fully close his door? Decisions decisions….


Cindee said...

close his door and definitely put baby gate at the stairs,,u hv to put later anyway so sooner better than later..maybe ryan wanted to pee so that's why he headed towards the bathroom :D

Tze & Yeesin said...

How about putting a baby gate the his door if you do not want to shut the door all the way.

Will said...

When Hana was about 14 months she followed Miki out the front door when she was going out with friends. Luckily, Miki's friend saw her walking down the sidewalk with the dog.