Saturday, May 31, 2008

Trip to LA for Ee Ling's wedding.

We are back from LA and recovering from our 5 day trip to LA.

It was such a fun trip and it was nice to take Ryan for his first road trip. He was fine in the car during the 5 hour journey; he slept most of the way.

We left on Thursday morning as we had to attend the wedding rehearsal on Thursday night.After stopping halfway at the Cattlemens rest stop, we headed over to Arcadia for our Shanghai dumplings at Din Tai Fung Restaurant; rated one of the best dumpling places.. they also have restaurants in China.

We booked a hotel for the first night, but headed over to Eric's place first to attend the rehearal at CSU Long Beach. After the rehearsal, we had dinner at Lucilles. It was yummy bbq with lots of sides. We loved the sweet potatoes.

Friday, we hung at the hotel and then headed to Thanh My restaurant for vietnamese. Lily and family joined us. After that we checked in our three bedroom plus 1 bedroom plus studio condo that we rented together with Helen, Lily, Sook Yee and Lu Fun. Lu Fun and family could not make the event, so we actually ended up with extra beds.

The place was nice and convenient. It was not in front of the ocean, but was facing a lagoon. However, the weather was sooooo bad that we did not even go near the water or beach! It was COLD and it rained on and off.

Friday night, Gordon and I tah-pau some shrimp and craw-fish from the Boiling Crab. It was very fresh and spicy. The rest of the night, there were some mahjong sessions and Wii games and wine.

Saturday passed by quickly as we went over to Ee Ling's place to help with some last minute stuff.

Sunday.... the wedding! I had to be at Ee Ling's house by 6.15am since I was the maid of honor and needed my hair and make-up to be done...It was a super early day for everyone... including Ryan who came along with Gordon. At 8.00am, Eric arrived with his groomsmen to "pick-up" Ee Ling. We played some games; including making them eat three seeds of durian, synchronous singing and dancing and finally, getting some money from Eric...

The wedding event was perfect. The bride was gorgeous! It was cold but I think it was perfect for the picture taking. The guest arrived on time and the wedding started at exactly 10am. No one tripped and the vows were done with no hiccups. The food was good as well.

The chinese dinner was excellent. Ee ling and Eric did a very nice waltz dance and I did a quick speech...(was not well-prepared..)

Monday, we met up with Emi, Remi and their 4 year old son, Daniel at Zinbala taiwanese restaurant. We were also able to try out the Wii fit and are now tempted to buy one as well..:)

For dinner, we met up with Steven and Patty and stayed over at their place.

Tuesday, we drove over to Bakersfield to meet up with Ken and Pauline and their baby boy, Tyler... Tyler is 2 weeks younger than Ryan. It was super cute to see them together. Baby Tyler is a big boy just like Ryan!! He was chubbier than Ryan and was as tall as Ryan.

That was the end of our vacation. We had loads of fun and can't wait to travel again!!!


Will said...

Look like brothers. Can't believe you found another boy the same size as Ryan.

Gold Guide for World of Warcraft said...

good post :)