Friday, May 09, 2008

Mun Mun's Bday and Charles's 40th bday

Last weekend, we celebrated Mun-mun's 4th bday. Mun-mun is growing up quickly. She loves the princess toys and her room is all pink! she is such a girly girl..:) We had lots of food from Bucca de Beppo.

Here is a video of the party.... the first part of the video shows Gordon carrying Ryan to sleep.... however, Gordon fell asleep before Ryan did! Everyone had a good laugh on this one....:P

We had to leave early and miss the durian bcos we had to run off to SF to celebrate Charles's 40th bday....:) Dinner was at Lucky River restaurant. Our special gift to him was a remote-control ferarri car...... It is a special edition... Christian (Charles's son) saw the car and immediately wanted to own it.... hope Charles will get a chance to play with the car..;)

Ryan was really good all through dinner. Sydney loves playing with Ryan... she actually takes the time to entertain him and he gives her some nice smiles.

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