Monday, May 19, 2008

4 month check-up numbers are in!

We saw the doctor on 5/13 and Ryan received another clean bill of health. We also got the go ahead for Ryan to eat solid foods...:)

He is now:

17 pounds (87 percentile in weight)

27 1/4 inches in height (94 percentile in height)

43.8 cm for his head circumference (88 percentile in head circumference)

Big boy if you ask me..;)

Some of Ryan's 4 month development include:

signs of bottom teeth showing up
laughing out loud
opening and closing his hands (he now pinches me all the time!)

So, we started on solids the same day and his first solid food were Earths Best Organic carrots.... Ryan had no objections to solid food. Here is a video of his enjoying his first taste of solid food.

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