Monday, February 18, 2008

Ryan updates...

ok, time to blog about Ryan...:)

My mom bought me a baby carrier for Ryan from Malaysia. I was finally able to try it out.

Here is me with Ryan in the carrier.... It's not bad. It allows me to free up one hand and to distribute the weight better...(Ryan is getting pretty heavy for me)....

I did find it rather hot for Ryan.. too much cloth....but it is nice if I want to bring him out to the garden and just to hang out downstairs.....I did have a hard time putting him down after he fell asleep...:P I have to un-pick the sling to put him down... Here is a picture of me successfully putting him down without waking him up... (I should mention that he slept for another 5 minutes and woke up anyways........)

Other news about Ryan..... he has found a way to move around his crib. We would put him down at night at one location, and within two hours.. he would have moved about 90 degrees from the original location.... the pics below explains it..... not sure how he moves, but somehow, it happens..:)

Ryan has also started making lots of noises... both when he is sleeping and when he is not..... he started snoring....learned to cough.... lots of grunting noises...just lots of noise in general.... I think he is ready to speak..:).... Last night, he made so many noises all throughout the night that Gordon and I are considering moving him to his own room....:D

Here is a short tummy time video..:)

Here is another random video...

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