Saturday, September 09, 2006

I sold it!

After driving my car for 7 years, I finally sold it today.

For those who rememeber, I drove a 1995 black 4-door Honda Accord. I fell in love with the car after I graduated from uni. My intend was to buy a honda Civic, but I test drove the honda accord and of course I liked the Accord better.

The milieage on the car marked 178,674 miles. I bought it when it was 69,990 miles..:)

Highlights of trips taken with the car...
1. From Santa Rosa to Palo Alto most weekends in 2000-2001
2. From Santa Clara to Pleasanton every workday from 2001-2003
3. From San Francisco to Pleasanton every workday from 2003-2004
4. From Castro Valley to Pleasanton every workday from 2004-2006
5. Loads of road trips including trips to Seattle, LA, Tahoe, and many many more...:)

So long my dear car. I really had loads of fun with it. Too many memories........ Yikes, I miss the car already!


Nick 10 said...

OH my god, this is so weird. I'm also writing about a posting on my car. Just like you, I'm selling my Honda Accord and a post on my new car ;) That's almost too coincidental....strange!!!

Adeline Chin said...

I'll miss the car too. Had many fond memories of it too. Bye Bye Car!

Nick 10 said...

Hey how much did u sell it for?

Will said...

You didn't get a black accord did you?