Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Visiting Great-Grandma and Henry's Bday!

Yesterday (Feb 5), we went out to SF to visit Gordon's grandma (a.k.a. Ryan's Great Grandma). She was mostly excited to see him and kept commenting about how big he was..:)

It was also Henry's bday and he choose to eat at Il Fornaio (an italian restaurant). This was our first sit down dinner with baby Ryan. He was sleeping until the food showed up, and then he wanted to eat... so mummy fed him with a blanket covering him.. The restaurant was quiet for a weekday, so it was easy to feed him at the table.

Gordon had the lasagna, his parents shared a pizza, henry has some special green pasta and I had the special tube pasta.

Here is me feeding Ryan..:)

Happy Birthday Henry!

Overall, it was a good trip out. Ryan slept most of the time so it was really easy to take care of him. He definitely likes car rides as he sleeps really quickly when the car is moving.. :)

Here is a pic of Ryan before going out...

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Tze & Yeesin said...

WOW. he sure grows fast. Maybe its because he likes to eat in restaurants the same time as his parents. Must be the asian genes, never turn down food. Hope our little one has a good appetite too!