Tuesday, February 05, 2008

From Ryan Kwan - Day 24

Hello world! I am Ryan Kwan and I am 24 days old.

The first 24 days of my life has been interesting. I miss being in mummy's tummy, where it is quiet and warm. Out here, it can be too warm or too cold (depending on how my mummy dresses me)....

I have been a good boy so far... I love being carried and love my parents's bed! So far, I have pee-ed, poo-ed and drooled milk on their bed. My bed is still clean.

My sleeping habits has been changing constantly. I used to fall asleep on my own but now, I would want someone to hold me and when they put me down on my bed, I would wake up ( I am sure this drives my parents nuts since they already spent all that time holding me to sleep). My parents decided to stop my crying by putting a pacifier in my mouth. I am unsure if I like it yet, but I am willing to give it a try...:)

I wake up constantly with stomach pains due to gas in my tummy. I would cry and need some comforting while the gas comes out through my butt. I wonder if that would go away as it does hurt and there is nothing anyone can do.

My parents treat me like a 3 month old. I have to remind them that I am only 24 days old. I love getting kisses from them, and love my bath time that is usually followed by a massage from my mummy.

I have yet to get into any schedule. I eat when I like and sleep when I like. My mom tried to follow the Baby Wise method (eat, play, nap) but it is not working for me. When I play, I cannot nap as I am wide awake. I need to eat again before I can nap. I am also a power napper. I can nap for 10 minutes and be happy.

Oh, I had my first giggle on day 23. I also can laugh when mummy plays rough with me. My eyes can follow the sounds of noises and I love to move my hands up and down especially when I am agitated. I recently found out I have fingers and tried to suck my thumb yesterday.

Here is me lying on my mummy. I can sleep for hours if someone is carrying me. I don't like my crib...

I love it when daddy plays with me and carries me...

Please continue to read this blog to see more pictures of ME!


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