Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Happy 21 month old bday...

Hi everyone: This is Ryan and I just turned 21 months old!

Here are some of the fun facts about me at 21 months old!

I can sing two songs : Happy Birthday and the A,B,C's.

I love the happy bday song and when I see a cake, I would want to sing the song. Daddy bought me a cake for my 21 month old bday. I love it, as I got to sing the happy bday song and blow the candles out! Daddy lit the candle for me three times, so I had a great time singing and blowing out the candle..:)

My favorite toy right now, is the play-doh set. I love it! I make mummy open the box 2-3 times a day and make her play with me. Recently, I would only play for a short while and mummy says she spends more time cleaning up then the time I play with the play-doh.

I have been more naughty recently. I like to pull mummy's hair, scratch mummy and daddy and yell NO very loudly. Mummy has started me on time-out's but I have no idea what it is. I think it is funny and I purposely pull mummy's hair and go and sit in the corner on my own. Mummy continues to try the time-out method on me.

My grandma is in town and I am loving it. She plays with me and lets me watch videos on her computer. I allow her to put me down for a nap and at night if she plays the videos for me. I lie on her bed and fall asleep. Mummy thinks this is great and mummy doesn't need to put me to sleep.

I love having a new little brother. When I remember, I will give me a kiss. I will also bring mummy her camera, ask mummy to let me carry the baby and ask mummy to take a picture of us! When baby cries, I will tell mummy or daddy so that they will go and pick him up. Of course, there are days where I forget that baby exists as well..;)

I still love going out. I will do anything if daddy says he is taking me out. It doesn't matter where we go, as long as we get out of the house.

I love my toothbrush. If I hear daddy or mummy brushing their teeth, I would go to them and ask them for my toothbrush. I will chew on my toothbrush and mummy has to brush my teeth for me.

When it is time to sleep at night, I happily head upstairs and go into my bed. I never complain and happily go to sleep. Oh, this time change stuff, is driving my parents crazy cos i sleep at 7 and wake up at 5! They are slowing trying to get me to wake up later.

Till next time, take care and I will try to stay out of any trouble!