Thursday, November 19, 2009

2 months old

Dylan darling is two months old and super duper cute..:)

Here is his schedule:

7am - 4 oz milk
Play, bath and sleep
11am - 4 oz milk
Play and sleep
3pm - 4 oz milk
6.30pm - 4 oz milk
Super grumpy, Pacifier time and sleep
11pm - 4 oz milk
3am - 4 oz milk
Yes, he is still on his 4 hour schedule.. great..:P

He is doing well with my mom since I am now back at work. He takes the bottle and even takes formula without any complaints.

We celebrated his full moon (red egg and ginger party) at South Sea Seafood restaurant in SF last Sunday. It was fun to just eat with a bunch of frens and family. We had a total of 7 tables and everyone had loads of leftovers to take home.:)

Life has been great with two kids. I am thankful to have two really sweet and mellow kids and of course a great husband who spends times with Ryan.

Grandma's visit has also allowed us to spend time with both kids. She takes care of Dylan's bath and carries him. She also spends loads of time with Ryan. He has learned to watch Baby Einstein and loads of Elmo with her. I am sure he will be sad when she goes home!

The holiday season is coming soon. Can't wait to hear the Christmas songs on the radio.


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