Monday, November 23, 2009

A,B,C's and NO to going home!

Here is a video of Ryan singing his ABC's....

Thanks to you tube, he knows a bunch of songs including incy wincy, old macdonald, twinkle twinkle, baa baa black sheep and his FAVOURITE happy birthday song.

Ryan does have a HARD time with several words. Instead of saying "papaya", he says "pa-ya-ya". We have been trying to correct him, but it's hard!

He also cannot say the word "birthday" when he sings the song.. he says "day".

Ryan's "I-love-you" sounds like "aiy-ruv-u"

And when we ask him to "Say Thank you", he says "welcome", instead of saying thank you!

Kids can be super funny!

Ryan also knows the way home; when we drive up the hill to head home, he says "no-no-no, go down" and starts crying cos he doesn't want to go home!!!

My mom says we need to start driving home using different routes, so he doesn't know when we are heading home.

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Kheng said...

hhahaha... very cute, makes me want to get one. Well not yet anyway.