Thursday, November 26, 2009

Dylan 2 month old growth numbers

We took Dylan for his two month old visit today.

Weight : 13 lb 7 oz (84%)
Height : 24" (83%)
Head : 15.75" (47%)

He is growing well and got a clean bill of health.

In comparison, Ryan was 13 lb 10 oz on his 2 month visit. This means that, Dylan has caught up!! WOW! What have I been feeding this kid?

In other news, Dylan can wait 6 hours before he feeds at night... woo hoo! but but, he wakes up around the 4th hour, doesn't want to eat but wakes up cos his tummy is hurting from gas.... yuck! He also waited 4 days before he poo-ed. double yuck! Good thing my mom is around and she does all the poopy diapers..;)

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