Friday, June 12, 2009


Sob sob… my little baby got a boo-boo on his head!

He has just finished his bath and was walking to the room with his towel around him. I was right behind him and holding him as he walked, and just as I was about to lift him up to his bed to get dresses, he tripped and knocked his head on the bottom corner of the table!!

Sigh.. he cried and it was bleeding. The bleeding stopped quickly, but we knew he needed some doctor’s attention, so, we went off to the ER.

As first time parents bringing a kid to the ER, we did the most logical thing.. we headed to the nearest ER, Eden Hospital…. As Ryan was looked at by the triange nurse, we figured that our insurance (Kaiser) was not going to cover the cost… (unless it is a real ER issue, or a breathing issue, Kaiser would always prefer patients to go back to the own Kaiser Hospital unless the Kaiser is > 4.5 miles from your location). So, we bailed on Eden Hospital and headed to Kaiser Hayward.

Ryan was not in much pain. He was given a popsicle at Eden so he was happy and he even took a nap on the way to Kaiser Hayward.

Kaiser was great. We figured Ryan’s injury was not that bad as we were not priority in the ER room. There were other patients ahead of us as we waited and Ryan had a cheese sandwich (the Eden nurse put a band aid on his head).Ryan totally did not like it when the nurse tried to take his blood pressure and his heartbeat.

The chief doctor did not give him any stitches but put on the special tape to hold the wound together. The hard part was of course getting Ryan to lie still while the doctor worked on his, but the chief doctor was great.

So, today, Ryan has the special tape on his head. I like it, cos it covers the wound and I really don’t want the tape the come off, cos I don’t want to see the damage! Every time I close my eyes, I see the wound ..:( Extremely traumatic experience for the parents and worst still, he was right next to us when it happened. *sigh*

Ryan does not seem to be in pain and he hasn’t really tried to touch the special tape.

Gordon calls this a freak accident… but I am scared to have anymore accidents. My poor baby!

Good news is that the doctor says the scar should recover in 2-3 years……..

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lc said...

i'm glad to hear that Ryan is ok and that he was such a big boy about it!! :D