Monday, June 15, 2009

Airplane, Bus, Truck!

Ryan has been very alert and chatty lately.

Since my aunt and mom are visiting, we have been on the road a lot and he is loving it.

He has also learned to yell out when he sees an airplane, bus, truck or train.

Yah, when I say yell, I mean, we are all quiet in the car, and suddenly, Ryan yells BUS. It can be any kind of bus; the yellow school bus, the MUNI bus, the tour bus.

It is the same with trucks. He sees one and yells TRUCK. He yells truck for a tractor as well.

He can even recognize an airplane in the sky at night and yells AIRPLANE.

It is pretty cool except when we think he is about to nap and he sees one of these vehicles and yells…hehehheee.

I have to say that his eyes are super sharp. He sees vehicles that are far away, and some that even I do not notice until he yells it out.

I am glad he doesn’t yell CAR when he sees each one..:)

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