Friday, June 19, 2009

My aunt in town.

My aunt (Ku-cha) was in town the last two weeks. She is my dad’s younger sister.
It was nice to have an extra visitor with my mom this time around. Gordon and I took two days off and we did some usual sight-seeing…
Since my aunt has never been to SF before, sight-seeing was easy. We checked out some usual places – Tiburon, Sausalito, Monterey, 17 mile drive and all of San Francisco (including Twin Peaks, Coit Tower, GG bridge, Pacific Heights)
Since my mom is a season Bay Area traveler, my aunt and her took BART from Castro Valley to SF and walked around. They were able to see downtown Union Square, Fisherman’s Wharf and Chinatown on their own.

My aunt loved the shopping and the retail therapy. She loved just walking around Nordstrom and Bloomingdales; and loved Marshalls and Ross ..;D We also hit Gilroy twice and she found a great place to buy OPI nail polish. (supposedly much much cheaper than Malaysia)

We also ate lots of good food! We tried a bbq place in Oakland (Everett and Jones) and had our dim-sum at Koi Garden and meals at many many places including Koi Palace, Korea House, The Fishhopper in Monterey, and others. My aunt also cooked on some days (her pork ribs were yums!)

Best of all, I got my mah-jong therapy! Most nights, after Ryan slept, we sat down and played several rounds of mah-jong! It was so much fun (I guess when there is mah-jong, I don’t feel tired *Hehehehe*)
Oh, Ryan loved having guest in the house as well. He warmed up pretty quickly and preferred my aunt to carry him than me! Hah, I think it is because she will take him out when she carries him and he loves to be out..:) He also did not have any issues letting her sleep in his room. He knew that she was in his room in the morning and did not ask to go in.

Here is a video of Ryan with his Ku-poh

My aunt enjoyed herself her. She hopes to come back.... and we hope she will come back and visit us again!!!!


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lc said...

ryan is getting so big and so smart too!! your mom looks great and I'm sure ryan loves getting the extra attention :D xox