Monday, June 22, 2009

I am 17 months old

Boo-it's me again!

I have been busy cos my ku-poh and po-po are visiting. I love it when we have guest, cos I get to go out! Below are some pics from my first trip to Monterey...

Below is a picture of me when mummy says to smile. I like to show my teeth when I smile..:)

I just turned 17 months old. I love that I can communicate with everyone now. I can say many words now. The ones that surprise my mom are the three syllable ones... like - camera and apricot. I also say random words like belt, bip, bag, and cough-cough... mummy gets sooo surprise when I say these words. I can also pretend to cough and pretend to cry when mummy tells me too.

The picture above is me pointing out the cookies. We walked into the Rocky Mountain shop and there were so many cookies. I could not take my eyes off them! I kept pointing to them but no one bought me any.....
I know who I can bully now... I bully my grandpa when I am with him. I make him take me out, and if he doesn't, I start to cry. I also know how to get symphathy from him... like I would show him my bruises many times, so he will be symphathetic.

I have a boo-boo on my head. Below is a picture of me without the boo-boo.....

Here I am with my boo-boo

Here I am with an additional plaster on my boo-boo cos Ethan at daycare hit his head of mine and caused the boo-boo to bleed again.... I like the additional "patch" and think it looks super cool on my head.

I learned to dislike doctor's after my experience in the ER. When I see the themometer, I start crying.

I am more picky with my food now. If I am hungry, I would eat anything, but if I am semi-full, I would take only a few bites of the food and say no-no-no and shake my head left and right. However, if I get fruits like apricots, I will eat them all up. I just love fruits.

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