Thursday, May 14, 2009

SF Zoo

On Mother's Day, entrance to SF Zoo was free! So, we took the opportunity to take Ryan to see some animals.
Since parking was a hassle, i dropped of my FIL, Gordon and Ryan and headed to the mall... I came back about 45 minutes later, found parking closeby and joined them..:)
While I was shopping, you can see from the pics that my FIL was carrying Ryan all the does he do it? Ryan is SOO heavy!
Ryan seemed to like the zoo..I don't think he truely understands what is going on... he preferred to walk around on his own and play at the childrens' play area.....
It was a fun mother's day!

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lc said...

Awesome !! i always love the zoo!! and ryan is such a big and healthy boy :D cute cute !give him a cubit on the cheeks for me :p