Friday, May 22, 2009

Ryan is such a helper

Ryan has such a good understanding of words and sentences nowadays. When I mention something, he will pick it up and do what I say...

some examples..:)

1. I can ask him to get the diapers, cream and wipes and he will get it.

2. I can ask him to throw his diapers or any trash in the trash can, and he will do it. He even picks up the little threads on the ground, or any small dirt and into the trash can it goes.

3. In the morning, I will say I want to eat cereal, and he would head to the refrigerator and pull on the door to the get the milk for me. After I pour the milk, he would head over to the leather chair and wait for me to feed him some cereal as well!

4. After he drinks his water, I ask him to put his cup on the table and he does it.

5. In the morning, he can get his bip and socks from the box for me.

6. Ryan's favourite : When I say, "bring me your shoes". He knows it is time to go out!

7. When he wants to eat something, he sits down quickly, cos he knows that when he sits down, he gets the food.

8. Oh, when I am done bathing and I say "where is my towel", he will bring my towel over to me! It is super cute!!! (yah, my son sits outside my shower door and tries to read a book while I bath..;))

9. Ryan will even put the dirty clothes in the laundry basket for us! Can you tell that we are totally not doing anything since our little helper is so helpful ..;)

10. Best of all, when I say "love mummy", he will take his hand and stroke my face gently.... cute-lah!
Yes, there are many times when I ask him to do something and he gives me the wide-eye look and wonders what I am saying.....

And yes, there are times when I asked him to do something and he totally ignores me..:P I should be happy he is helping out now!!

Oh, Ryan saw the playmat the other day and wanted to play with it, so we brought it down and he played... check out the difference in the pictures.. one was taken at 2 months and the other at 16 months..

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lc said...

oh my goodness, ryan is such a smart and helpful little boy!! how adorable!! :D you guys have it easy ^__^ he will def be an amazing big bro too