Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's a story about MILK

This is a story about Ryan and his milk...

Ryan drinks about 30 ounces of milk daily, over 4 times a day (morning, mid-morning, afternoon, night). We had scheduled times to give him the milk, so when he sees his milk bottle, he would head over and get the pillow and lay there waiting while we bring the milk.

In the morning, he would wake up and look towards the table for his milk and when he doesn't see the milk in his room, he would go over to our room and check to see if his milk is there. When he sees the milk, he gets all excited and climbs up the bed to the pillow.

About a week ago, we decided to remove his night milk before bedtime, since it is better on the teeth, and sometimes, he overeats and ends up throwing up the milk.

The impact : he takes about 30 minutes to sleep, instead of the 10-15 minutes....

This worked great... until, he learned to say milk in chinese (nai-nai) about 3 days back.... so, when it is time to sleep, he goes "nai-nai"....! and we ignore him, cos we don't want to give him milk... after a few times, he forgets about the milk and tries to sleep instead.

In the morning, he wakes up, and says "nai-nai", and if it is too early (like 5am), we ignore him and he goes back to sleep.

It is funny! But, last night I felt bad, cos he asked for milk but i did not give it to him... wonder if he was hungry in the night.......

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