Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I am 16 months old!

Hi world! I am 16 months old now. I am totally enjoying life. I can do so many things now!
1. My favorite is still to go out. I so love being outside that my parents are afraid to walk near the door as they know I will ask them to open the door and let me out! Wait till I figure out how to open the front door....:)
2. I can now turn stuff.... which means, I can open bottles are cream (turn to open) and I can open mummy's room door! yippee...
3. I still love my milk. If I see milk, I get excited and find my pillow so I can lie down and drink.
4. I learned to throw tantrums. So far, I have thrown two majors ones. It was nap time at both times and I wanted to go outside, and when my parents said no, I started crying and lying on the ground. After 10 minutes, I get tired and fall asleep on the carpet. My parents ignored me during the 10 minutes. When I wake up, I was happy again.
5. My babysitter tells my parents that I am a good boy. When she tells me to sleep, I will lie on the pillow and sleep and Ethan (the other kid) follows along and we go to sleep together.

6. I am getting picky with my food. I will eat a few bites of the initial food but if I don't like it, I will stop. If the food is super tasty (like restaurant food), I will eat a lot. I don't mind if the food are veges, meat, egg, tofu. They are all yums. I do like cookies and if daddy is eating an oreo cooking, I will chase after him to get a bite. I can feed myself too!
7. I can say the following words : Up, Down, Mummy, Daddy, Mama (grandma), Yeye (Grandpa), Baby.. If mummy says to say something, like Thank You, I can make a sound like Thank you... :)
8.I know how to be naughty now. When mummy/daddy wants to put on clothes on me, I walk away very fast so they cannot get me. I also don't like to put on my diaper or change my diaper. I like to climb and throw stuff, and even when my parents tell me to stop, I will still do it..
9. I know how to make a "sorry" sound. Check out the video... When my parents tell me to say "sorry", i will make that sound....

10. The other day, I made mummy cry, cos I scratched out  a scab from her leg. It started bleeding and the blood kept coming out. I was SO shocked and I sat there and had a very very sad face. I did not know what to do until daddy came and gave mummy a band-aid. I will try not to make mummy cry again, cos I love her *love love*
In June, my grandma (po-po) and aunt are coming! How exciting!

Will blog more when I turn older..:)

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Truly Us said...

erm, cld nt view ideos..did u cry for real or pretend cry ?:D cant imagine ryan being picky on food! and and..why is the bed soo neat? lol