Friday, March 13, 2009

A weekend hanging out with frens

Last weekend, we had a full weekend of hanging with frens. On Saturday, we headed over to Lily's place for a just to hang out. Lily planned the event since there were no bday celebrations. It was a potluck event. The food was good since it felt like a home-cooked meal, with fried rice, fried noodles, sticky rice, steamed egg, korean meat (i totally forgot to take a picture)
After the food, the guys decided to start their poker game, so the girls made a trip to the park with the kids. The weather was super nice so we took a 20 minute walk to the park.
Ryan got a chance to play with sand and he was totally amazed with it. He could not figure out why the sand disintegrated when he threw it into the bucket. It was cute and messy of course.

The kids played a lot while at Lily's house. Ryan loved playing with the baby pots and pans and also playing with Alexis. Ahh, and he liked playing with crayons (picture above). Guess who ate some orange crayon when mummy was not watching. YUCK!
On Sunday, we hung out at Yvonne's with Gordon's BofA ex-coworker, Robert and family. It was potluck again, so, Gordon brought his wantons and I made some fried yummy meehoon. The host provided drinks and some great tiramisu cake.
Ryan had fun playing with Claire's toys. He especially loved the play kitchen. Maybe he will become a cook one day..:)

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