Friday, August 15, 2008

Sleeping and sitting up....

My little baby has learned to sit up from his tummy position (moving from crawling position to sitting position). It was cute to see how he does it as I was wondering how he would be able to move to a sit up position on his own.

So, all this cuteness has now become an interesting challenge...

Ryan would go to sleep, and when he moves while sleeping, he would want to sit up! So, if he is sleeping on his back, he moves, and turns to his tummy, gets into a crawl position and voila, sits up!

And, since he is sitting up, he would open his eyes and be wide awake. This has happened several times now.

In the middle of the night, two nights ago, he did the same thing and moved forward and launched towards the floor area. We were awaken by a noise which I jumped and said "where is Ryan!" and saw his nearer to the floor.

The same night, we were awoken by his playing in the dark while sitting up.....

And last night, he woke up, sat up and tried to climb to our bed (yes, my baby thinks his bed area is a gymboree playground; he is sleeping on a twin bed that is situated below our queen bed)

how how? is this a phase as he is excited that he can sit up??

What happens when he starts crawling? Is he going to wake up and crawl everywhere?

how how?
A pic of Ryan with his aunty Cindy..:)

My mom wants to know why Ryan has that big eye blank look when he looks at everyone..:P


Will said...

You should rent a crib. Much easier.

Anonymous said...

We are experiencing the exact same thing!! Our baby girl- 1year and 1 month old, sits up while she's asleep. Sits in the dark in her cot and starts moving and waking everyone up.
We were a bit worried, but now seeing that there are few babies out there doing the same, we calmed down :)!
May be it's just excitement that now they can sit up or may be they are dreaming of doing it and actually do it in real... - "sleep sitting" and "sleep talking".
It's all a learning curve for us- parents. Wishing us all patience and enjoyment with our little ones!! :)

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