Friday, August 15, 2008

How long are we here?

In case anyone is wondering how long we will be on vacation....

we will be back in US on Sept 17....:P

We are vacationing for a total of 6 weeks!

Our current plan is

2 weeks in KL

1.5 weeks in Singapore

1 week in KL

1 week in Bangkok


I wonder how Ryan is adapt back to life in the US... He sees Gordon and I day and night and seems to want to stare at us a lot.:P

Here is a video we took back in US. Ryan loves to try and play with my laptop when I am in front of it... so, one today, I let him play and he was smiling with glee....

Ryan has also learned to pay attention to other smaller things, like animals and babies... He is fascinated by Toby, my mom's doggy.


leng said...

Hi, Lynda! Wow, what a long vacation... I'm envious! Enjoy your holiday and send my regards to your mum and sis!

Will said...

Thailand will be fun.
Are you working from Malaysia. It's strange that you can actually work from anywhere these days.