Sunday, August 10, 2008

Jet-setting in Asia


Yes, we are in Malaysia.....

It was a hush hush trip as we wanted to surprise my mom!!! Boy, was she surprised.

Our trip began from SF to Hong Kong. We stayed a night at Novotel Citygate by the HK airport. Highly recommended hotel as they have a free shuttle to the hotel and they take care of all the luggge from one location to the other, and the hotel is link to the Citygate outlet mall and to the Tung Sing MRT station. So convenient. The outlet mall was a very big one with many american brands. We were not shopping so did not check to see if prices were good.

Here's Ryan with MIL and FIL at the SFO airport.

I will blog more aboit HK in my next blog..:)

Here is Ryan sleeping on my on the plane. We had a bassinet, but his head was touching the top and his leg were touching the bottom...he only slept in it for an hour... we put it to good use by dumping all our stuff in it...)

Here is how we surprised my mom... my sis and I arranged so that we would be back in Malaysia the same time. So I planned to arrived at KL airport around 1.30pm from HK and she could pick me up.... her plans got a little messed up, but she was still able to meet us at the airport and we took a cab home to my mom's house.

Jin carried Sophie and my sis carried Ryan into the house while Gordon and I waited outside. My mom looked at Ryan and asked my sis who is is carrying and my sis said she was baby-sitting her friends' son. My mom said, "wow, you have nothing else to do and have time to baby sit someone elses baby?, and asked my sis for the name; my sis said his name is "boy". Of course, my mom was already more interested in baby Sophie and paid little attention to Ryan.

After a few minutes, my sis asked my mom to carry Ryan and my mom asked how old was the baby and said he was "as big as Ryan". My mom brought out a little mouse toy and said to Ryan "this toy I buy for Ryan, but I let you play a while first"........ my sis was already laughing but my mom did not suspect anything..hehehe..

Finally, my sis said to my mom "mom, we have a surprise for you" and Gordon and I walked in.... my mom was surprised... (i think she did not even recognize me, but when she saw Gordon, it finally hit her..)

It was a good surprise and we are excited to be here. So far, Ryan is doing well. He is super tired from the jet lag, but he is still smily and happy. I think our baby is going to be travelling a lot in the future.:)


Adeline Chin said...

ya a very good surprise indeed!!!!
I must say I was very surprise too :)

YeeSin said...

wow. looks like u guys had a great time! How did you book the tickets and the stop-over at hong kong? we're aiming to do the same next year.

Lynda Ng said...


Actually, stopping over in HK is easy. Just tell agent you want to stopover and you pay the HK airport taxes only.. it was like an additional 30 bucks one way I think. You can also store your luggage at the airport, but it's not cheap and that's why we ended up with hotel near the airport instead..:) Will blog more about HK soon!