Friday, August 22, 2008

Heading to Malacca and Singapore

We are heading off to Malacca tomorrow and staying a night and then spending 9 days in Singapore with my sis..:)

Ryan has gotten back into his routine and is sleeping around 8.00pm and waking up around 6am for milk and sleeping again till 7.45am. He does wake up several times in the night and sits up with his eyes wide open. He will roll around the bed for 5-10 minutes and fall back asleep. I think he just wants to make sure Gordon and I are next to him. Yes, he is sleeping the same bed as us for the moment!

Ryan must be pretty confused.. he is super tired and there are nights where we go out for dinner and see frens/family and he is half awake and half asleep. Good thing is he is curious to see where we are and wakes up with a smile on his face.

We started putting Ryan in a walker to "contain" him. It has definitely helped and we can actually do stuff while he walks around in the walker. It is amazing how fast he learned to move in the walker (within a day). Now, he can move anywhere he wants and quickly too!

He also learned to suck from a straw. I have no clue how babies learn to do such stuff... but I did give him water with a straw a couple of times (i suck the water and put it in his mouth) and now he knows how to suck from a straw cup. Amazing!

So, what has Gordon been up to? Watching TV mostly and eating..:) He catches his CNBC programs, trade stocks and watches the Olympics. He also went for a couple of body and foot massages... and a pedicure....oh, he sprained his back for a couple of days, so he was out of commission. Good news is that he is better, but he doesn't carry Ryan..:P

As for me, I was able to do a couple of massages as well (they are SO addictive) and just eating, and meeting up with frens. The other day, I met up with my primary school frens (frens from 10 years old); Shelley and Olivia.:) It was so nice to meet up with them and catch up. It was also nice to be able to have some conversations with them even thought we have not seen each other for ages! hope that we can continue to keep in contact for many many more years to come.

Oh, for the olympics, Malaysia did win ONE silver medal. Lee Chong Wei, our badminton player won the medal (no comment on his final competition against China's Lin Dan)...:P

And finally, Gordon and I celebrated our 3 year wedding day anniversary. Thank you to those who sent wishes... We did not do much due to a fully booked day, but was able to head out around 10pm for maggi mee goreng and drinks..:)

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