Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Why so few blogs?

Yeah, wondering why there are so few blogs? I only had 4 blogs entry for the month of June. That's a average of 1 per week. How sad.....

and yes, I have a lot to blog about... just slow..haha..:)

In June, we celebrated the June birthdays for Ee Ling, Helen and myself. Dai and James were very nice to host the event at their house and Dai spent hours making home made vietnamese spring rolls. They were yummy. Lily also made some popiah and jam tarts. It was a pot luck event, but I think everyone else bought food... Popeyes chicken was a big hit.

Here are the three girls in front of the cake (cake was courtesy of Sook Yee and Cheng Lin)

June, we also celebrated baby Kaylyn's birthday! How time flies; she is already a year old. Helen's parents made some nice taiwanese dishes and Helen's curry was a hit.

Ryan was happy to be able to play with Kaylyn's toys..:)
The guys took opportunity to play some poker but the big winner was the host himself, Rick... I think he won enough to pay for the party ..:)
The gals took their chance to take a group picture..:)

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