Sunday, July 13, 2008

Pssst.. I am Six Months Old!

Well.. it is not a secret... but I am now six months old....everyone seems to think I am older since I am big!


My first and second bottom tooth are coming out. It is disturbing my sleep and makes me wake up at night. I can't sleep through the night without waking up once or twice a night. If I wake up before 2am, mummy will come over and comfort me back to sleep. If I wake up after 2am, daddy comes over. I prefer when daddy comes over, as he will carry me and rock me back to sleep. Mummy just leans over the crib and kisses me until I fall back asleep.

I also can sleep on my tummy now. Mummy thinks it is funny cos I would wake up and suddenly turn on my tummy and fall back asleep. She is secretly watching me from her baby monitor camera... sometimes I stare back at her cos I can see the green light from the camera at my bedside.

I can sit up now. This happened for the first time at Dai's house on June 21. It is so much easier to play on my own now that I can sit up.

=I can also push and pull stuff and take stuff out of a box.

Here is my eating schedule:
6am Milk - 5-8 oz
10am Milk - 8 oz
12pm Porridge with sweet potatoes
2pm Milk - 8 oz
4pm Fruit (banana or apricot)
6pm Milk - 4 oz
7pm porridge with vege
8pm Milk - 4 oz

I eat often cos I don't like to drink water and mummy adds water to everything, so I get some water in my system.

I still go to bed around 8pm and wake up around 5-6am.

Here is a video of me when I am about to go to sleep:

Here is me waking up in the morning:

I love going outside. My grandparents love to carry me and let me watch the leaves on the trees. If I am fussy, and they take me outside, I get all quiet and calm.

I also love to laugh! Mummy knows how to make me laugh out loud a lot. Check out this video.

I love hanging out with daddy. He spends a lot of time playing with me and carrying me up and down the stairs. He also picks me up when I wake up in the morning and changes my diapers before sending me to mummy for feeding.

Here is my darling mummy....:) I miss her when she goes to work but she takes care of me and makes me feel safe. I love laughing with her and playing toys with her...

Till my next post, thanks for reading!!

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