Wednesday, July 09, 2008

4th of July and Tyler's Bday

Ryan celebrated his first fourth of July..... He is a proud American boy...:)
Gordon's cousins came over for bbq on Friday. It's like our yearly bbq event. This year, Gordon made his own hamburger patties and it was not bad.. the recipe was simple; 1 pound of ground sirloin steak and 1/4 pound of ground chuck plus 1/4 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce - this makes four hamburger patties. Everyone liked it but mentioned that it was not salty enough. Next time, we add salt..:) We also had spicy italian sausage and hotdogs. I made some chicken and sausage macaroni pasta and my MIL made some mix ingredients sticky rice.
Oh, that was just lunch... for dinner we had prime rib and a nice apple blueberry pie...

Part of the celebration also included Sydney's birthday... she turned 5 this year... Gordon got her a Baskin Robbins ice cream cake (no idea why those things cost SOO much). I could make the cake and put my own ice cream in there..:P
Eric and Susan came for the 4th of July event as well, with Scott and baby Lara. Baby Lara is about 3 months old.. and so small and cuddly...

Did Ryan get to see his first fireworks? Urm, it totally did not cross our minds to bring him to watch the fireworks...hehheehe.... maybe we will remember on New Year's Eve..:)

The next day, we headed over for Tyler's 2nd birthday. His bday was the Cars theme, so everything was about Cars. They even had one of those jumping things in the garden for the kids.. so cool!

here is ryan hanging out with Claire.... Claire was trying to hug and kiss Ryan and Ryan kept putting his hands out and scaring Claire away...:p

Here is a cute family picture..:)

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