Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ryan loves to play!

Since Ryan can sit on his own, he just loves to sit down and play with his toys.

We can place him in front of his toys and he would play on his own for some time (20 minutes) before he gets bored and wants to play with other toys.

Here is a video of him playing with his musical drums that Aunty Yvonne gave him.

Here is another video of him playing on our bed in the morning. He loves to chew on this colorful necklace, so, we let him!

Ryan is starting to lift his butt.... bet he can't wait to crawl!

We recently attended baby Claire's 2nd bday party. It was a very nice hawaiian themed event with hawaiian food. Yvonne did great job organizing the party and everything turned out perfect.

There was event a jumping house which the adults dominated..:P Here's apic of Ryan and I sitting inside. I am surprise he did not get sick since it was very bouncy in there.

Family shot of baby Claire and family..:)

Here is baby and me..:D

Here is Ryan pointing out is tongue..:P

Here is one with Sirintorn baby-sitting Ryan...:)

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