Tuesday, July 17, 2007

A very social weekend.

Seems that my blogs are only updated with things Gordon and I do on the weekend..

Last weekend was a very social one. Kept it very busy..:)

Saturday - We headed over to Jerry and Yvonne's home to celebrate Claire's first birthday. Claire was looking very cute and she was very friendly as well. She did not seem to care who was around her and played with everyone. Gordon landed himself in front of the Wii and showed everyone how to play tennis on the Wii...:) Claire had so much fun with the cake (i think her parents are into allowing her to try everything and allow messes if needed - interesting approach)... we hung out most of the afternoon over there and spoke to a bunch of nice people.:)

Saturday night - Ee Ling organized dinner with Audrey (yes, Audrey who used to study in Stanford and is now back in Monterey as her husband is studying in Monterey for 1.5 years) We had dinnner at Jayakarta. Have to say that we were impressed with the Indonesian food and will have to head back to try more food. We really liked the rendang and Mee Tek tek. We also tried the pepes fish, satay, oseng oseng, ayam gorend bumbu bali, ayam kalasan and others... unfortunately I forgot to take pictures. Dinner was followed by Naia Gelato.... yum!

Sunday - We were planning to head down to see baby Kaylyn, so i asked Lily what she was up too... she said dimsum and the mall, so we headed down for dimsum at HK Saigon and then to the mall... our mall visit was cut short as Jaden was getting tired..... it was funny to see both Jaden and Alissa wanting mommy at the same time..

Sunday afternoon - We finally saw Baby Kaylyn! She was mostly sleeping... but she looked so cute. I did not carry her since she was so small...maybe next time..:D She seems to be a little fiesty as well, especially if you disturb her from her sleep.

Gordon and I were planning to grab some dinner at Milpitas square, when we received a phone call from Simon and he said Lu Fun was cooking assam laksa!!! yum.. we totally could not resist and headed over to San Ramon... Assam laksa was super good.. she did it most from scratch.. both of us had two servings!! yum. Gordon spent most of the night playing video games with Kim and Ben.. I think they beat him flat..:P seems that Kim and Ben have been playing video games all summer...:D

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