Friday, June 02, 2006

We LOVED Boston!!!

We are back from our 7 day trip to Boston and New York. This first blog will be about Boston..:)

Boston is such a pretty city. Clean, still loads of construction but everything seems so close. We bought a 1 day city pass which allowed us to take the Duck Tours and the Bean Trolley and also gave us entrance to the New England aquirium and Paul Revere's house. We particularly liked the history of Boston. Was conparing it to SF and seems that SF has so little history. We were able to go to Mike's Pastry too. This place has great canoli's... yum! We had clam chowder and lobster roll for lunch at Legal Seafood.. So so good!!

oh!! and We caught a Red Sox game against Yankees at Fenway Park. This was a blast. The Red Sox fans are such fans and they would boo any Yankees that played... but, it was fun!!

Our other hightlight was the Duck Tours. When I mentioned to Gordon that we were going to go for a Duck Tour, he said " Can we skip the duck tour? I don't think I wanna see ducks." I started laughing.... Gordon can be funny! I can tell now that he doesn't like ducks....


Linli said...

hi :D i just got tix from my student to go for a yankee game this sat...the weather is clearing up here as it has been raining!!! hope the game will be as fun as it was at fenway park! xoxo linli

Tze & Yeesin said...

Wah... luckily he didn't ask for complimentary socks during the baseball game!!!