Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Helen's 30th Bday.

I am really behind with my blogs..so, I will start with Helen's bday from June 17..:)

Our good fren Helen celebrated her 30th bday! Rick was very nice to plan a bbq at his house and he bought her this really nice cake that was super yummy!

In Rick's evite, he said that he will be making hamburgers and sausages. He also sais you can BYOM. What is BYOM? Gordon told me it was bring your own meal.... So, based on the BYOM note, everyone brought something to eat, like pot luck style.

Helen and Rick already bought loads of food and they asked us why we brought something.. and Rick claims he was joking about us having to bring something and that BYOM was... "Bring your own meat"... We had a good laugh on this one... and Rick and Helen had loads of leftovers. hehehhehe..:)

The kids had loads of fun at this event. They played with water and walked everywhere barefooted and with their diapers on.. really cute...Below are some pics from the bday! Happy Bday Helen!

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