Saturday, July 14, 2012

Dylan at 2 year 9 months

Long overdue post of Dylan....

Some random pics below for memories of his two year old days..:)
Easter Egg hunting
Angry Birds phase.
Just sleeping... so cute..:)
Pic for his Little Sunshine name tag.
Looking like a big boy.
Oh, still using his bottle at 2 years 10 months....;) His like to hold the end of the pillow case when he is drinking milk... such a cute habit.

He loves junk food.... Like love! He will savor the chips when he eats it. His favourite is Pringles and any kind of chocolate.
First time having a ice cone. He did not care for it. His favourite food is still pasta. If we give him pasta for pre-school, he will finish it. Otherwise, he won't and will tell us that he was full and could not finish...

More junk food.
My handsome little baby.
First day at Little Sunshine (May 17, 2012). He wanted Ryan to stay with him, so Ryan hung out in the small class for a whole week. I said "better Ryan than me". haha...:)

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