Sunday, October 21, 2012

Ryan at 4 years, 8 months

Ryan is almost 5!

He is attending Redwood Forest Pre-school. His first week was harder since he doesn't like change and adapting to a new school is hard for him. Now, he is teacher's pet and is always volunteering to help to the teachers (Miss Raquel, Miss Chrissy and Miss Rakisha).

Below is Ryan with Miss Chou explaining a drawing that he completed during class. The first two quizzes Ryan had to take, he cried! I guess he did not know what a quiz is and wanted to get all the answers right! So, I had to teach him that it was OK to get it wrong, as long as he practiced and tried his best. Yes, he was the only kid out of 15 kids who cried while taking a quiz. Glad he got over that....

Ryan with his grandma. Dylan was taking the picture.

Chilling with popo. Another pic Dylan took.

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