Sunday, October 21, 2012

Dylan @ 3 years old

My little one turned three.

We had his 3 year old check-up on 8/27.

Height : 3' 2" (62.31 percentile)
Weight : 33 lb 8 Oz  (72.10 percentile)

His favorite foods are: plain pasta, plain rice, strawberries and milk. Yes, that's all he likes, (which makes feeding him challenging:) If we gave him a choice, he would have MILK all day long.

His new thing is when we ask him if he did something, his response would be "NO, I didn't!!" He says it in such a cute voice that it's almost hard to not believe him.

He still has his milk bottle and likes to hold the end of the pillow case when he drinks his milk. He also doesn't mind drinking his milk anywhere. On the kitchen floor, seems like any floor is ok, as long as he has a pillow for his head.

At his new school, he has not been finishing his lunch. I told him that if he doesn't finish, he will have to go to Yee-Yee's house (babysitter). The next day, he actually finished his lunch and told me "i don't have to go to yee-yee's house.

He can make full sentences with good english grammar. Some that I remember.."daddy, are you downstairs watching TV".

He loves to do his little gymnastics using my leg as the post. Super dangerous on his hands, so I have to be extremely careful.

On Saturday morning's I have to take Ryan to his chinese class. Dylan gets to spend time with Gordon. Surprisingly, he doesn't mind hanging out with daddy. They usually go to the park, library, starbucks and the farmers market.

One pic with popo!

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