Friday, October 14, 2011

Dylan @ 2 years old

Here are some updates on Dylan @ 2 years old.

Dylan's 2 year old numbers:

Height : 2 ft 11.75 inches (88.12 percentile) (probably almost 6 ft at adult height)
Weight : 30 lb 6.4 oz (13.789 kg)
** His weight and height is about the same as Ryan at two years old**

Some fun facts:
1. He continues to follow Ryan in most stuff. This makes it easy for us, cos we can get Ryan to do stuff, and Dylan will follow.

2. He loves to play legos and train. He will ask us to build the tracks for him by saying "choo choo"

3. Favorite foods : pasta, yogurt, grapes. He usually eats about anything. When he is not hungry, he would keep food in his mouth until we remind him to chew.

4. He takes 0ne nap a day for 1.5 hours. At night he sleeps from 9.30pm to 6.30am. He is an easy sleeper at night. If we lie next to him, he falls asleep.

5. oh, about 3 times a week, he still wakes up around 6 and asks for milk! Yes... guess he does not eat enough all day.

6. He can tell us when he wants to pee and poo. He prefers not to tell us when he wants to pee, which means we have to ask him, or bribe him to pee. One day, he will get out of diapers!

7. He can say many words; so far, his three letter word is "where are you". He definitely can communicate with his single words.

8. His favorite show now is Caillou and Wiggles. He loves to come over and ask for Caillou all the time (tv addict!)

9. Did I mention how grouchy he can get? If he wants something, he will demand until he gets it. If he doesn't want something, he will say NO loudly, followed by a glare!

10. He loves reading. His favorite books are "Clifford and the rabbit" and "Fire fire".

11. Ryan and him can get into a argument with just one saying no and another saying yes... fun times!

12. He needs to hold something before he goes to bed... (just like Ryan!). When it is sleeping time, he would say "hold, hold" and would go around the room looking for something to hold in his hand...

Zoo with dylan

Playing Water

Video below was taken after he went to the doctor. He was saying he doesn't like to go to the doctor..:)

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