Monday, October 31, 2011

Ryan @ 3 years 9 months

Some fun facts:
1. He loves legos. He can spend hours on it if allowed....

2. He is well loved at pre-school. His teachers tells us he is very well behaved and is always willing to help the other kids.

3. He has lost interest in TV. He will watch if it is on, but seldom asks us to turn it on.

4. He can recognize is upper and lower case alphabets.

5. He can write his name minus the Y. He has a hard time with writing Y.

6. He can count to 100, minus the 30,40,50,60,70,80,90 and 100. He can count all the numbers in between :)

7. He started attending mandarin classes on Saturday mornings for one hour. He is quick to learn colors, animals, and fruits so far. Ethan and Daran are in this class as well, so he looks forward to the play time after class. Pic below was him and Ethan hanging out in Toys R Us after class.

8. Favorite foods : he seems adventurous with food. He likes sushi rolls, pasta, oat meal, tomatoes. He has asked us to buy him durian and loves it..:) Oh, he also love the sour plum and orange peel. I think he has my taste buds!

1 comment: said...

he is extremly very tallanted! do encourage him in everything! he will be a star.