Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Oh Ryan!

Yes, picture below and above of my darling son and his buddy, Ethan. Can you tell they are going to be up to no good?:D
I feel like he is growing up too quickly. He seems to have matured a lot.

Some of the things that I feel he has matured on:
- Chinatown outings with grandpa. He loves taking the bus with his grandpa and heading to chinatown to see the aunties.
- Openly sharing his toys with Dylan... and tells me "mummy, I share my toys with Dylan".....
- Singing his nursery rhymes in the car.
- having phone conversations with me from the grandparents home.. oh, he even stayed over two nights without Gordon at the grandparents house.

Ryan is into puzzles now. He loves his 48 piece puzzles from Melissa and Doug. He has 4 (two dinosaur puzzles, one pirate ship and one horse puzzle). Occassional he would sit through on his own and put the puzzles together. Other times, he would do it with me and Dylan, where he would let Dylan press on the pieces when he put the puzzle together.

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