Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Dylan at 1 year 5 months

 My happy Dylan is 1 year and 5 months old. His features seem to be changing and he is starting to look a little like Ryan, especially when I dress them alike.
Classic picture of Dylan while he admires the flower.

Over the last couple of months, he has increased his vocab. He can say daddy, mummy, mama, popo, yeye, ko-ko (although his ko-ko sounds like ra-ra), down, banana, bear-bear, train, bye bye.
He can also repeat words that we ask him to say. So, if we ask to say car, he can repeat something similar. It will be interesting when he can knows all the words, cos he would be trying to chatter over Ryan
He also knows time out. If he is naughty and I say time-out, he would go to the door and sit there. He knows he is wrong, cos he would not make eye contact while sitting down until I ask him to come over.

He can also give me kisses if I have a sad look on my face. It's like my only way to get him to be sweet to me.
He does not say no (yet), But shakes his head when he does not want something. He is especially good at shaking his head when he does not want to eat.
Love the smile on this picture.

He actually sits in the high chair at the restaurants.

oh, his potty training is going good. we still put him on the potty every morning to poo, but if we miss it, he would poo one block and point to his diaper so that we can put him on the potty... this just means he knows he has to poo! now if he just learns to say poo-poo, we will be all set. gotta teach him to say pee-pee too so that we can start potty training soon. woo-hoo!

He sure knows how to ensure Ryan does not get his toys. He would hold the toy, see if Ryan wants it and if Ryan wants it, Dylan would start shaking his head and holding the toy tighter. If Ryan does not get the toy, Ryan would cry, Dylan would still not give up the toy until Ryan cries for a few minutes... and then Dylan would feel bad, and give the toy to Ryan. Yes, lots of sharing going around.
Looking cute after his bath.

So playful!

Whenever Dylan sees Ryan reading a book, he would insist on getting his own book and reads it. oh, and he loves the TV. If we happen to mention the word TV or train, he thinks that we are going to turn on the TV for him and immediately heads to the sofa, climbs on it and waits for us to turn on the TV!!! way too cute!

I wish I could remember more of the cute stuff Dylan does. He is always happy, loves to play the trains on his own and loves to play with Ryan. too cute!!

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