Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's February!

Yes, it is February 22 and I have only one blog for the month so far. Have I been busy? Yes... but I was really busy doing everything and being lazy to blog.

 First of all, Gong Xi Fa Cai. Our New Year's celebration was at Lily's house. We bought food that was significant to CNY, and I made the yee sang..it was yummy as always.No chance for mah jong this time, but the guys did play a game of scrabble. Ryan got a chance to play with some fireworks. He tried one and he was done.

Dressed up the boys in the same clothing so they would look cute and of course, they did..:)

 We spent one of the weekends making sure we got our sushi fix at Geta Sushi. After sushi, we headed to the Piedmont library where the kids just hung out.

The boys outside the house enjoying the nice hot weather (while it lasted)

We celebrated Daran's birthday with Ethan and Aidan.Yes, did you notice that all of Ryan's frens have names that end with "an". Daran, Ethan, Aidan and Dylan..:D

Happy February!

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