Monday, January 03, 2011

Merry Christmas blog...

Christmas 2010 was SO quiet! We usually have family in town, but this year, nada....

We survived the quiet Christmas with the boys. Ryan still does not have a major concept of Christmas. I think by next year, he will be much more into the whole holiday season.

First pic with Santa

Boys happily opening present from Soon Jin and Cindy

What is Christmas without taking pictures at Union Square in San Francisco!

Me and my sweet Dylan

Gordon and Ryan...

It's present time at the cousins! 
Presents at home. Ryan and "his" clock. He does not want to share with Dylan.

We made sure we bought gifts that were exactly the same. No fighting! Hoo-ray!!

My lovely boys. Ryan is trying to "smile". He can't seem to get it right..:P

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