Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Dylan @ 15 months old.

Hi world, I am 15 months old!

I can do so much now. Here are some of my spotlights.

1. I can say the following words: da-da, ma-ma, pau-pau (carry), nose, bird, ball. Ball is my favorite word. Anything round is a ball. I call the orange a ball, I call the apple a ball. I like balls.

2. I can recognize many many words. Mummy has a hard time keeping track. When she sings, I clap my hands. When she says bathing time, I head upstairs.

3. I love my water cup. I always go into the kitchen to look for it, but I can’t say “water” yet.. so I make a lot of noise and mummy gets me my water. Daddy has no clue why I am noisy, so he just carries me and makes me show him what I need.

4. I don’t like it when Ryan’s cries. When he cries, I give him hugs and kisses, but he pushes me away, cos he does not like to be disturbed when he is crying.

5. I can very good at pretend crying. If mummy says no, I say wahhhh. If daddy says no, I go wahhh…. They know I am pretending, so they ignore me and laugh.

6. I know some toys are Ryan’s toys, but I LOVE to take them and make him mad. I will fight for the toys and I hear mummy saying “share, share”. Ryan usually ends up getting the toys, and I cry.. wahhhh.

7. I love it when I am home with mummy and daddy and Ryan is not home. It gives me a chance to play with his toys and I will be so happy and keep smiling when I hold his toys.

8. I like to push Ryan. I just go up to him and push him. He has no idea what I am doing but I like doing it.

9. I also like to do everything that Ryan is doing. Yes, when he goes to the bathroom, I follow along. When he jumps on the bed, I jump too.

10. My latest is climbing. I love to climb chairs. I will try and try and when I do it myself, I get very happy. Daddy takes away the dangerous chairs so I do not climb, but I would ask for the chair and point to it.

11. I love my shoes. I want to wear it all the time. If I see mummy going to work, I grab my shoes and ask her to put them on for me. I do it to make sure they do not forget to take me out. Yes, I love going out. It can be anywhere, just put me in the car, and I am happy. In the car, I look forward to Ryan giving me some snacks/cookies to eat. He gives them to me slowly and if he forgets, I make lots of noise and mummy tells Ryan to pass me some food.
12. Sleeping – I still take two naps a day, usually about an hour each time. At night, I sleep at 8.30 and wake up around 6.30am. I seldom fall asleep while drinking milk. I drink and move around the bed before falling asleep next to one of my parents.

13. Each morning, around 7am, I poo-poo in the potty. Just this week, I moved from the small potty to the big one. I still cannot say poo-poo, but my parents know when I need to poo, and put me on the potty.

14. If I see daddy carrying Ryan, I want to be carried too, so I would pull on daddy’s leg until he carries me.

I will put up my 15 month old growth numbers soon!

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