Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday Ryan!

Ryan turns three! Happy Birthday Ryan..

Our first celebration was at a chinese restaurant in Chinatown. Always nice to meet up with family..:)

The next day, we had a party at home with Ryan's good frens, Ethan and Daran.

They had a blast playing in the drawers..:)

Multi-purpose table.

Everyone got a chance to blow out the candles. It was an yummy ice cream cake.

Videos of the boys playing.

Group pic!

Adults need to play cards too!
On his bday itself, we had another cake. more yums.

Yes, my boy turns three. Just like that. Too quick but we are enjoying watching him grow up and absorbing everything we say and do......

I should include his growth info here since he has completed his three year old check up...

Weight : 33lb 14.4oz (74 percentile)
Height: 3' 2.25" (66 percentile)
No head circumference readings... I guess his head has grown enough...

Happy Birthday Ryan!


Truly Us said...

erm..the house looks different :D

lc said...

the cake looks delicious!! The boys are growing up so fast and I agree that they will have lots of fun together!! Happy New Year!!