Monday, August 09, 2010

visitors have gone home...

July/August has been busy. My aunt and cousin visited for three weeks and my mom visited for 6 weeks. Last night, my mom went home... so the house is all quiet. blah!

family visits are fun. just hanging out, doing nothing is fun.:P the kids enjoyed it too since my mom and aunt were baby-sitting and playing with them. check out some cool pics..:)

 Pic of RYan and Dylan in yellow Simpson t-shirts. Courtesy of my aunt when she went to Disneyland.  We were on our way to the Great Mall where my mom and aunt spent much time.
 My mom and Dylan. It was semi-hard to get Dylan to take some good pics.
 My aunt and the kids.
 Oh, in between, we had dinner at Lily's to celebrate Lu-Fun's bday.

Time to feed the ducks in Palo Alto

My mom and the kids. Just chilling.

We made it to some meals. The one above was Japanese called Ozumo in Oakland. Good california cuisine food, Sushi was not good:P

My favorite. Trip to Costco so the kids can sit in the shopping cart together..

Many trips to In-n-Out to eat the yummie hamburgers.

Back to our boring lives.. until more visitors come visit us..:)

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