Thursday, August 19, 2010


some randomness about Dylan.....

He likes to point. When he sees me, he points to me. When he sees his bottle, he points and says nai-ai (nai-nai-milk). Then, he waves his hands up and down like he is trying to get his bottle to see him... it's funny!

He is starting to say mum-mie and dad-die.

When he is tired, he will start his rolling around in the bed. He will lie down, get up, move around, lie down. This is our sign that he is sleepy.*yawn*

He has been using the potty for #2 daily for the last two months. Yes, every morning, he will sit in his potty in within 5 minutes, he is done. In the afternoons, he usually farts and it is a sign for us to put him on the potty.

hehe, he just loves to crawl.won't even want to be carried.. just crawling all over the place.

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