Monday, August 09, 2010

Dylan is 10.5 months old

 My little one is 10.5 months old now.

Some of his super great achievements..:)

1, Able to come down the stairs on his own by turning feet first.

2. Able to suck water/juice with a straw. He does have 5 teeth now... two on top and three at the bottom. He was definitely uncomfortable when the fifth tooth came out. He kept touching it with his tongue.
3. Able to see an airplane in the sky and looks up in the sky when he hears one. The other day, he was bathing  and was searching the ceiling for the airplane..:)

4. Able to go towards the door for the stairs when I say "want to go downstairs". I think he can say "down" as well.. but not too clear.

5. Able to pose for a picture...smiles

6. Able to know how to disturb Ryan. When he sits in the car with Ryan, he would reach out his hand and pinch/squeeze Ryan's arm. It is funny. There has been a couple of moments where both kids can play together. Ryan is getting better at sharing and even thinks about Dylan when he is taking a toy. He would take one for himself and one for Dylan. Ryan also gets upset if we say "Dylan go to Malaysia with popo?". Ryan would say "no, that's my di-di". It's nice that he is so loving to Dylan when he wants too...
 7. Able to stand on his own for like 2-3 seconds before falling. Of course, he wants to cruise all the time between furniture. Pic above shows his happily playing with the crayons and easel.
 8. Able to point to fish and look outside for birds.
 hehe. This is a cute age. He is so curious and wants to touch everything. and if we say no, he would do it, he knows he should not play with the laptop, but he would purposely touch the keyboard and check out our re-action...

Dylan just recovered from the Roseala virus. 3 days high fever followed by rashes on the body. He was super whiney when he was sick and after he recovered, he continued to make noise cos he knew we would react.

We also figured he really has a temper when triggered. When he could not chew his biscuit he started crying really loud that it even scared my mom!

Oh yah, he doesn't like to hold his own bottle......laziness if u ask me..:P

oh, his eating. He has kinda decided that he prefers solid foods rather than milk. So he would not drink much milk in the day. maybe  about 4 ounces per feeding, every 4-5 hours. and yes, he still wakes up at night to eat cos he is SO hungry. Good thing Gordon loves the night duty and does it all while I snooze.zzz.HIs night feed are like 9pm, 1pm and 5am. This is what happens when he doesn't want to drink the day.... maybe he will like fresh milk better?

My little baby. You are turning one soon! I need to figure out what to do for your bday...

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