Monday, October 26, 2009

I am 5 weeks old!!

Hellow world. It's me, Dylan Kwan and I am already five weeks old.

I am so happy to be out of mummy's tummy. It is definitely more fun out here than inside there.
I spend most of my time sleeping. I sleep so much that mummy says there is no time for her to play with me. Don't worry mummy, soon, I will be awake all the time that you will wish I sleep more..;)

At 4 weeks, I can move my head left and right and can follow mummy's hands when she moves it above my head. I can also lift up my neck to see more things.

I love my big brother. He is so loving and gives me kisses all the time. Sometimes, he hears me cry and comes to see me even before mummy or daddy gets to me.

I sleep super well when someone is carrying me. Good news is that my grandma is in town and she loves to carry me!

I grunt in my sleep a LOT. Daddy can't sleep at night cos he hears me grunting. Mummy wakes up everytime I grunt. I like to stretch and while stretching, I will make some noise.

During my grumpy time (6pm), I prefer to suck something before I sleep... mummy has brought out the pacifier.. I find it fascinating and forget to sleep cos I am busy sucking the pacifier.

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