Monday, October 12, 2009

Dylan is 3 weeks old!

Yes, how time flies. Dylan is already three weeks old.

Here are his two week check-up numbers. He is growing and eating well.

Weight : 9 pounds 5.5 oz (62 percentile)
Height : 21.75 inches (66 percentile)
Head : 14.76 inches (54 percentile)

Here is his interesting schedule:

6.30am - milk
10.00am - milk
2.00pm - milk
5.00pm - milk
6.00pm - bath time
6.30pm - 8.00pm - grumpy time
8.00pm - milk
11.00pm - milk
2.00am - milk
4.30am - wake up to let gas out

yes, he has grumpy time as he is super sleepy and wants to be carried..:P In between all the milks, he is mostly sleeping or chilling in his crib.

Video of Dylan on Day 11:

the gas thingy is definitely better than Ryan, but he still has gas and needs to let it out. He also grunts a lot which is super cute.... he grunts the most when I am trying to burp him and he takes ages to burp.... his eating is quick, he can be done in 15 minutes....

We are getting loads of smiles from him. He sure knows how to melt our hearts with his smiles..:)

Dylan Day 14

Happy three week old bday, Dylan!!!

Video of Dylan on Day 21..


Truly Us said...

lol. he looks so stoned in the last video..and super chubs! no more swaddling?

dai said...

Wow, you are good w/ updating your blog. I need to catch-up on your old posts. I stop blogging for awhile now, but starting again...more about the kids though.

Dylan is so adorable and Ryan is such a good older brother.